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this is what happens when grown adults share a bed.

also known as gayschanel
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      This is a community for people who ship Emily & Zooey Deschanel. Yes, with each other.
      This community clearly deals with real person slash & incest, so if this squicks you, leave.
      These are fictional representations of real people. These things never happened. No slander intended.

      All posts must be members only. The community is set up so this is the default security level.
      Any fic must be properly labeled with an easy to understand rating system.
      Fic featuring other pairings is fine, as long as there's an E/Z angle.
      All large artwork (over 200x200 pixels) or batch of more than 3 icons must be behind a cut-tag.
      Articles and photographs are fine, as long as they're behind cut-tags.
      You must treat other members with respect. Trolls will be banned.

      Anya - contact @ smut_queen@livejournal.com
      Ella - contact @ cabarethaze@livejournal.com